Learn how to navigate using only the sun, moon, planets, and stars. Celestial Navigation is useful if your GPS fails!

Private and group instruction options are available.   

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“I recently completed five days of on-board lessons in your Complete Sailing Course. The course far exceeded all my expectations, and I came away with the basic knowledge and confidence necessary to become a competent sailor. 

What I most appreciate is that the CSC lesson plan is so very well organized, comprehensive, and detailed, and your instructors were highly experienced and skilled at teaching. I am also most impressed with the quality of your charter fleet. The two boats I was aboard appear well cared for. 

I look forward to continuing with your intermediate and advanced level courses. Thanks to Charlie and the crew for your fine organization.”

Tom, Palm Springs CA

frequently asked questions

Never sailed before? Need to brush up on your skills? Whatever your level of experience or reason for wanting to learn, we have the course for you.

​From those who would like an introduction to the pleasures of sailing to the highly skilled sailor, our Internationally Recognized American Sailing Association certification courses are second to none. Here we have tried to answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our instruction. If there is anything else you would like to know, please contact us! 

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What happens next?

​After completing Lessons 1 – 8 and a Group Day Sail, students take their first written exam and, upon passing, earn a Basic Keel Boat Sailing Certification (ASA 101). ASA 101 qualifies each student to act as skipper and charter boats 30 feet in length and smaller for day sails. 

Basic Coastal Cruising (ASA 103) requires completion of at least two Confidence Sail Charters, Lesson 9 and a second written exam. ASA 103 qualifies sailors to charter boats 30 feet in length for overnight coastal cruises.

American Sailing Association certification is an Internationally Recognized proof of sailing competency. 

Where do I go after the CSC?

We offer intermediate and advanced classes for those who wish to continue their education. These include Bare Boat Charter (ASA 104), Coastal Navigation Standard (ASA 105), Advanced Coastal Cruising Standard (ASA 106) Celestial Navigation (ASA 107), Sail Trim, advanced docking, outboard motor and more.  If you’d like us to offer sailing classes we currently are not teaching ask us to create a class.   We offer group and private Instruction for all classes.

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Completion of ASA 101 qualifies you to bareboat charter.  The first confidence sail charter is discounted 20%! 

How much will it cost me?

Cost for group Complete Sailing Course (CSC) lessons is $895 (discounted from $1,095), price includes course materials and sailing training to achieve  American Sailing Association (ASA) Basic Keelboat (ASA 101) and Basic Coastal Cruising (ASA 103) certifications, written exams, and a logbook.  Additional fees are: $39 one time American Sailing Association Processing fee; quarterly dues pro-rated from the date of your fist lesson (Dues are $45 per month billed quarterly at $135 per quarter). 

Basic Coastal Cruising (ASA 103) certification requires two Confidence Sail Charters. Students can expect to pay from $217 (1/2 day weekday charter on a Catalina 30) to $299 (weekend full day charter on a Catalina 30).  Prices for Charters are in addition to the CSC sailing lesson fees.

We offer a multi sign-up discounts if you sign up with a friend, partner, or group. 

If I prefer an accelerated lesson schedule is there an option?

Yes, we teach the Complete Sailing Course program in private lesson format. The cost for one student private lessons is $1,895, cost for additional students is $500 per person; $39 per person ASA Certification Processing fee; quarterly dues pro-rated from the first day of classes (dues are $45 per month billed quarterly at $135 per quarter). Classes can be scheduled during the week or on weekends. This format is perfect for students wanting an accelerated pace, couples or students visiting from out of the area. 103 bareboat charter requirements are not included in this price, charter costs are in addition to the CSC fees.

Can you tell me more about group Complete Sailing Course lessons?

​The Complete Sailing Course (CSC) is a series of three nine hour lessons and one 6-hour Day Sail, a 34 hour program. All classes are taught on sailboats 30 feet in length. Students begin sailing during their first lesson. 
•    Lessons 1, 2, and 3 are fundamentals of sailing classes designed to give each student basic terminology and sailing techniques.   Lessons 1, 2 and 3 must be completed in sequential order
•    Lessons 4 – 9 apply the basic skills learned in lessons 1 – 3 to an intermediate level curriculum.   Lessons 4-9 will be taken in random order.

What class times are available?

•    Lessons 1 – 6 and 8 are taught on weekends, class times 10 AM to 1PM or 2 PM to 5 PM)
•    Lesson 7 – Basic Navigation, is taught on the first Monday of each month (7 PM to 10 PM)
•    Lesson 9 – Night Navigation, is taught on the fourth Monday of each month (7 PM to 10 PM) 

Group Day Sails are scheduled twice a month on Sunday from 10 AM - 4 PM.  Bring your own lunch and beverages.  Guests can join you on Group Day Sails for an additional $75 per person fee.

Our course is designed to be flexible and learn at your own pace, schedule lessons on the weekends that you are available.

Are classes crowded?

​No, it’s very important to us that you receive Individual attention.  Lessons 1 – 6 and 8 there will be a maximum of 4 students aboard the boat during classes.   
•    Lesson 7 – Basic Navigation: Maximum of 12 students. The only session taught in a classroom. 
•    Lesson 9 – Night Navigation: Maximum of 6 students.

Who will I be taught by?

​All Marina Sailing Newport Beach instructors are US Coast Guard licensed captains and have undergone a rigorous American Sailing Association instructor qualification process. Our instructors have experience teaching ASA materials, some have up to twenty years of experience. We recognize that you, the student, have chosen sailing for enjoyment and relaxation--that’s why we hire instructors not only for their sailing skills but also their ability to make the learning process fun and challenging within a relaxing environment.

How do I schedule lessons?

Call the office at (949) 548-8900, e-mail admin@sailingnewportbeach.com or schedule your lessons when you are at the marina.   

Our course is designed to be flexible and learn at your own pace, schedule lessons on the weekends that you are available.